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CLooG's User's Guide (online HTML version) updated: October 15th, 2007.
The user's guide shortly presents why one should be interested by such a code generator. It shows in detail how to write the input file for the CLooG software and how to set its various options thanks to examples. It presents the CLooG library, its data structures and its various functions. It explains how to compile, install and uninstall the software and its library. A copy of this document is provided in the doc/ subdirectory of the standard CLooG distribution.

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Three mailing lists (Google Groups) are open for discussions around CLooG.

Code Generation Links

Code generation for scanning Z-polyhedra is a well known problem. It was first solved by Ancourt and Irigoin for the simple case of Z-polyhedra with unit lattice. They used the Fourier-Motzkin elimination technique to compute loop bounds. Some code generators descended from this technique:
Omega Project code generator
LooPo internal code generator
For complex situation, the best solution at present is the Quilleré et al. algorithm. This technique generates each loop level by separating the polyhedra until they are disjoint on the current dimension, then recursively generates loop nests that scan each of them. Code generators using this technique are:
LoopGen (no more available)