Latest Sources

CLooG 0.18.4: official and recommended isl-based version (updated: July 27th, 2015).

CLooG-polylib 0.16.1: alternative PolyLib-based version (updated: January 7th, 2011).
CLooG-parma 0.16.1: alternative PPL-based version (updated: January 7th, 2011).
CLooG Development Version (for latest improvements and bug (fixes)).
Once downloaded and unpacked (e.g. using the "tar -zxvf cloog-0.18.4.tar.gz" command), you can compile CLooG by typing the following commands on the CLooG's root directory: CLooG comes with an embedded version of isl so you should not need to install any polyhedral library if you don't have one. In any other case please check the documentation page. The current version is a major step since 0.14.x, including a much better API. The "old way" to interface with CLooG should still work, however we plan to remove it for the next major version, so please update... The new version is still under evaluation, and there is no guarantee that the upward compatibility will be respected. A lot of reports are needed to freeze the library API and the input file shape. So you are very welcome and encouraged to send reports on bugs, wishes, critics, comments, suggestions or successful experiences to the according mailing list, see the documentation page.


GMP 6.0.0 (or any later version).
The embedded version of isl used by CLooG needs the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library. It should be installed in your system before trying to install CLooG. At the moment, isl offers only multiple precision (no 32 bits nor 64 bits: if you need such a version you should consider either CLooG-polylib or CLooG-parma, please check the documentation for those versions). Once GMP is downloaded and unpacked (e.g., using the "tar -jxvf gmp-6.0.0a.tar.bz2" command), you can compile it by typing the following commands on GMP's root directory: If you install GMP this way, it should be OK. If you are doing another way and you are experiencing problems, please have a look at the documentation on installation. If nothing works for you, ask us using the according mailing list (see documentation page).

Development Version (Official repository of CLooG).
To benefit from the latest improvements and bug fixes you can try the development version of CLooG: A major improvement is the support of multiple backends, not only PolyLib. CLooG is now supporting PPL and the isl (Integer Set Library) is the default backend. Because isl does not rely on rationals, CLooG is able to generate significantly better codes, with low control overhead. To compile the development version of CLooG with the isl backend: