Latest Sources

PIP/PipLib 1.4.0 (updated: August 2nd, 2009).
Once downloaded and unpacked (e.g. using the "tar -zxvf piplib-1.4.0.tar.gz" command), you can compile PIP/PipLib by typing the following commands on the PipLib's root directory: This version includes PIP/PipLib 32, 64 bits and MP (multiple precision). It is still for evaluation and there is no guarantee that the upward compatibility will be respected (although we do think so). A lot of reports are needed to freeze the library API. So you are very welcome and encouraged to provide us reports of bugs, wishes, critics, comments, suggestions or successful experiences to the according mailing list, see the Docs Section.

Development Version (Official repository of PIP/PipLib).
To benefit from the latest improvements and bug fixes you can try the development version of PIP/PipLib: